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Horse Health

Ideal living spaces for horses

The health and well-being of your horses is our top priority. For this reason our stable facilities and horsewalkers have to meet very stringent demands. These standards have now been emphasised by our new "Horse Health" category to enable us to develop innovative products for maintaining the health of your horses.

"The pursuit of success is based on your horse’s ongoing health and the willingness to perform and Röwer & Rüb will support you in this.“

Dr. Matthias Baumann



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R&AIR Care creates an optimal indoor climate by binding dust, cooling, minimising odours and regulating humidity. In addition, R&AIR Care also reduces the incidence of insects in the stable in a completely natural way.


Gentle and controlled exercise in water has been used for many years in professional facilities for rehabilitation after injuries. However, not only sporting horses are plagued with health issues such as back problems, joint arthritis or inflamed tendons. Even healthy horses will appreciate the variety of training in the Aquatrainer, which is possible all year round and also daily.

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